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SRAM PC Card Application List

Manufacturer Device
Advantest Spectrum Analyzers: R3463, R3465, U3641, U3641N, U3661, U4342, U4941, etc. (up to 2MB)
Ag Leader Yield Monitoring Systems / Yield Monitors (without attribute memory)
Alesis Synthesizers (Keyboards): Andromeda A6, QuadraSynth Plus, S4, S4 Plus and QS Series; Drum Module: DM Pro
Amstrad NC100 Notepad, NC200 Noteboo
Apple E-mate 300, Newton 100, 120, 130, MessagePad (with attribute memory)
Anritsu MS2702A Spectrum Analyzer
PE Applied Biosystems GeneAmp PCR System 9700
BSS FDS-388 Omnidrive Sound Management System
Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) Yield Monitors (without attribute memory)
Casio Z-7000 Zoomer (PDA)
Chroma Video Generator 2329
Clavia Nord Lead Synthesizers (Keyboards)
Compaq Hs-D40, J40, J50, Z50
dataTaker DT600, DT605 Data Loggers
Dipstick 2000 Floor Profiler
Dranetz Power Platform PP4300
Emerson Machinery Health Analyzer CSI 2120, RS3 MPC5
Emulator Ultra Proteus Synthesizer (keyboards)
Ensoniq KT, MR series Synthesizers (keyboards)
Entek IRD DataPac 1250 (DP1250) & DataPac 1250 (DP1500) Data Collectors (Vibration Analyzers). 
FATO CL408 Printer
Fluke Hydra 2635A Data Acquisition Unit
GE Fanuc Computer Numeric Controls (CNC) series 15-B, 16-B, 16-C, 16i-A, 18-B, 18-C, 18i-A, 20-A, 21-B, 21i-A; PowerMate H (PM-H), PM-1, Motion Mate MCS700, etc.
HP 95LX/100LX/200LX, 1000CX, OmniGo 100/ 120/ 700LX PDAs & Palmtops
HP/Agilent 8920A, 8920B Communications Test Sets, E6380A (HP 8935) CDMA Base Station Test Set
Intelligent Instrumentation LANpoint Barcode Data Collector & other Data Collection Terminals
Intermec Janus 2010, 2020, 2050 Handheld Computers (Portable Data Collector)
Korg 01/Wfd Music Workstation (Synthesizer/Keyboard)
Laser Atlanta Rangefinder, Mapper, Laser System
Leica Geosystems Survey Instruments: GPS System 500, Geosystem T1800/ TC1800/ TCA1800/ TCR & TCRA 1800 series, Total Stations TPS1100 series: TC1100/ TCA1100/ TCR 1100/ TCRA 1100 series (1101, 1102, 1103, & 1105) etc.
Micro-Trak Yield Monitoring Systems / Yield Monitors (without attribute memory)
Midas XL4 Audio Mixing Consoles / Analog Mixer
Motorola PDA: Envoy 150 (up to 2MB), Marco (up to 2MB)
Nikon-Trimble DTM-720 Total Station 4 Survey Equipment
Pfaff Sewing Machines
Rockwell Automation Entek IRD DataPac 1250 (DP1250) & DataPac 1250 (DP1500) Data Collectors (Vibration Analyzers). 
Roland Audio Recorder AR-3000
Satloc Yield Monitoring Systems / Yield Monitors (without attribute memory)
Sharp Mobilon HC-4000, 4100, 4500, PDA 3100, Norand, Zaurus ZR5000, 5700, 5800 (up to 2MB, with attribute memory)
Sony Magic Link (with attribute memory)
Sumitomo SH100A 100 ton Injection Molding Machines
Teklynx PrintPad 2000
Telxon PTC 1140
Topcon Data Collectors: FS & GTS series
Toyo Injection Molding Machines
Trimble GPS Plotter NT200D
Two Technologies PCL-50 Handheld Computer
Uson Leak, Flow and Function Test System 1100
Van Dorn Demag Demag xxxx ton - Pathfinder 5000
Videx OmniWand Data Collection Terminal